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EV Centres

In Vietnam we are growing a number of language centres

Although these are of high quality, through our partnership with local schools, colleges and universities, as well as using our ‘not for profit’ status

Resume writers are employed. You can either find one in your own if you’re all set to get a resume writer or you can also approach them to get their own services paper writer. If you hire someone, it is always advisable to find someone who is great in writing resumes, especially if you’ll use the same restart in more than 1 company. Should you not have the correct knowledge, writing a resume isn’t that easy. You might still have some things to learn.

to attract volunteers, we are able to offer teaching at an affordable price.

We also offer subsidised places so that we can help as many people as practical gain the advantage of communicating in the international language of business and commerce.

Our syllabus was developed for us by professionals from Cambridge who also train our teachers.

We are aligned to international standards and examinations to ease transition for those going on to study abroad.

We are developing on-line teaching to help more people and make this available to our partners.