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Services in England

EV has offices and staff in England and Vietnam and collaborates with Schools, Further and Higher Education Education establishments in both countries,

For our Vietnamese partners and students coming to England we provide:

  • Language support and enhancement, plus interpreter if required
  • Setting up and organising educational exchanges
  • Organised summer schools in England
  • Support with finding suitable study and scholarships for students
  • Full visa support and necessary guarantees and insurances
  • All ticketing and travel support
  • 24/7 native language support
  • Guardianship where required
  • Approved accommodation
  • Cultural programmes and visits

For our English Partners we provide:

  • Opportunity to access a pipe-line of highly qualified and motivated students from Vietnam with good quality English through a single point of contact
  • Fully arranged and facilitated educational exchanges
  • Assessment and coaching of students to ensure that they fully meet requirements for UK education
  • Full support of all visa, travel and living arrangements of students so that their education provider does not have to worry about those aspects
  • Full familiarity with all aspects of the both the UK and Vietnamese educational systems
  • UK office and staff with 24/7 native language support.